Painting Services

Looking down at can of pink house paint on a dark black granite counter background.

Colour Consultation

With years of experience painting all types of buildings, we can offer expert advice and guidance for your colour scheme.

Modern House Exterior

Interior & Exterior Painting

Walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, awnings & exterior walls painted with the highest quality materials.

The surface of old wood

Timber Restorations

Restoring the original beauty of wood, or creating a more contemporary feel. We can help achieve the desired finish.

Neat plastering

Restoration & Repairs

If the substrate is damaged we'll repair and clean it so that it's ready for painting to commence.

Painting the Edges of the Ceiling


Residential projects can be organised around your schedule. During the week while you're at work, or on the weekend.

A metal, black gutter on a roof covered with ceramic tiles


Commercial paint projects can be co-ordinated to minimise any possible disruption to your business.

Why not just paint it?

If you don’t want to fully replace the colour of your door or window frames why not just paint it?

We can 2-pac surfaces such as window/door frames and handrails.
Recommended for commercial or industrial areas.

What They Say About Our Painting

"Incredible level of service and communication, not to mention outstanding quality of work. I won't use any other painter ever again."
Video call with family
Donna Brown
Gold Coast
"This has probably been the best experience with a painter I've ever had. Kaela and Dan are polite, prompt, and do excellent quality work."
happy parents with baby boy on bed
Simone Hewson
Gold Coast
"Thanks so much for sorting out my horrible DIY painting attempt. The living room looks so much better and my wife is very happy with the results."
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Eric Henrys
Gold Coast
Our Products

We Only Use the Best

When you want the best quality paintwork, you have to be picky when it comes to paint.
That’s why we only work with the best quality materials & equipment on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working around furniture and people will extend the time it takes to complete a job.

We recommend to save clients time and money, organise a holiday or stay to vacate for your client if your planning a large project or repaint.

However we can work in with occupants to section off particular areas at particular times to work in with the client. We recommend for all personal items to be moved from near areas to be painted.

We cover, or where possible carefully move aside large items of furniture; then move back once complete.

We do not recommend painting patch only.

As paint work fades over time and each paint company mixes and tints their paints differently; it is very difficult to get an exact colour match to a pre-existing coating.

Badly water-damaged areas hold moisture which over time naturally accumulate mould spores that if airborne can be hazardous to a persons health.

If the damaged surface cannot be properly cleaned and sealed; the area would need to be cut out and replaced, as paint will not properly bind (stick to) such surfaces.

Poor Surface Preparation. This is the most common reason for the paint failure.

Poor surface preparation causes poor adhesion of the paint on the surface.

Lack of proper sticking of the paint to the surface results into paint film to come off